October was a busy yet fulfilling month for the TLM team as it is the mental health month.

On 7th, 8th, and 21st October, I presented a webinar for Yishun Health entitled: “Combating Anxiety, a definitive guide,” SMU entitled: “Combating Insomnia, a definitive guide,” and GCP (Singapore) Private Limited through Aviva entitled “Combating Workplace Stress & Burnout, a definitive guide” respectively. 

On 10th October, TLM in-house Associate Psychologist Vivien presented a public webinar entitled: “Coping with OCD.” 

On 11th October (Monday), both co-founders of The Lion Mind (Weiren and I) visited a mental health art installation. It was held at 39A Duxton Hill, and was entitled: “THISCONNECT: WHAT AM I, IF I AM NOT.” The event was by invitation from ThisConnect.today. It was an experiential mindfulness journey of introspection and extrospection. 

On 16th October (Saturday), Weiren represented The Lion Mind for a Community Seminar organized by People Association. The theme was “From Challenge to Strength, Building an Endemic-resilience Community.” We are thankful for the opportunity to be part of the nation-building discussion.

Behind the scenes, the TLM team has started preparing for 2022. For starters, we have begun the journey to obtain international accreditation for our Graduate Certification programmes. We are also looking to provide a certification workshop for Solution-focused Brief Therapy, and free certification course on Basic Counselling Skills in 2022. So do keep a lookout for that.

In recent time, there has been quite a few struggles, both personal and professional aspects. People whom we thought were allies all the while turned out not so. During this challenging time, there are also people who we can count on. While being the collateral damages from these parties (or people) are never fun, we must remind ourselves of three important rules:

  1. There will always be conflicts and collateral damages, and that change is the only constant
  2. I can only change myself for the better. I cannot force the environment / situation to adapt to me
  3. There is always help available when I choose to look for in the right place

While the extension of COVID-19 restrictions is frustrating to most, with the possibilities of another extension, let’s work hard together towards an endemic Christmas 2021!