Business Profile

The Lion Mind Limited (UEN: 201810995K) was incorporated with ACRA on 2nd April 2018 as a Non-Profit Organisation (NPO).


Corporate Identity

A picture of a smiling lion with its sunny mane. The Sun and the smile symbolize positive outlook in life that radiates brilliantly, influencing everyone around it. The lion symbolizes the mental strength and the bravery of an individual who seeks for the betterment of oneself.


Corporate Affiliation:

The Lion Mind is a corporate partner and supporter of Appassionata, promoting classical chamber music in Singapore.


Corporate Membership:

The Lion Mind is a corporate member of the Association of Psychotherapists And Counsellors (Singapore) (APACS). This enables us to bring the highest standard of clinical care to our clients, and to provide quality community outreach and education to the general public.


Organization’s Aims

It’s three aims are:

  1. To strengthen an individual’s positive mind and coping mechanism
  2. To provide the platform for practicing clinicians to gain the necessary competencies in providing clinical care
  3. To outreach to the public on the importance of a healthy mind


Annual Report

Click here to access our annual report.