Professional Certificate in Effective Group Facilitation

Professional Certificate in Effective Group Facilitation

Workshop Date: 03, 10 & 17 March 2024
Time: 9am to 6pm
Facilitator: Mr James Chong
Course Fees: $1,550
Early bird Deadline: 14 January 2023
Registration Deadline: 14 February 2024 (or earlier when full capacity is reached)
Class Size: 6 to 8 pax per intake

Early bird rate available. Please enquire for more details.

SGD 1,550.00

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Workshop Overview

Are you interested in honing your skills as a group facilitator? Do you wish to create more engaging, collaborative, and productive group dynamics in your therapy or work? Our “Effective Group Facilitation Skills Workshop” is designed to equip participants with the knowledge and techniques needed to become adept group facilitators.

This workshop aims to provide participants with an understanding of the theory and practice of effective group facilitation skills. In addition to sound theoretical knowledge, participants will learn the essential core skills required to practice group facilitation effectively.

This workshop is for participants who want to practice group facilitation but do not have the necessary training. This workshop is also useful for Counsellors, Educators, HR managers, and Life Coaches interested in using group facilitation approaches to help others achieve more meaningful results in life.

Workshop Entry Requirement

As this is an advanced workshop, participants must have basic coaching, counselling, or psychotherapy skills before applying.

Participants must also fulfil any one of the following:

  • Current undergraduate student in psychology-related fields (e.g. counselling, psychology, social work) who had completed TLM’s CBT workshop
  • Graduates from TLM’s Graduate Certificate in Psychotherapeutic Approaches (CBT Specialisation) workshop
  • Practising Life Coaches, Counsellors, Psychotherapists, Psychologist without group facilitation background, and have a bachelor’s degree in the relevant field (e.g. business, counselling, education, human resource, psychology, social work)
  • Educators, HR Practitioners without group facilitation background, and have a bachelor’s degree in the relevant field (e.g. business, education, human resource)

Workshop Content

This workshop will cover the following areas:

  • Types of Groups: Exploring different types of groups and their unique dynamics.
  • Forming a Group: Understanding the process of creating and organizing effective group settings.
  • Stages of Development in Group Process: Examining the various stages a group goes through during its lifecycle.
  • Microskills in Group Facilitation: Mastering the essential communication and interpersonal skills for effective group facilitation.
  • Self-Growth and Self-Reflection: Encouraging personal growth and introspection as a facilitator.
  • Assessments in Group Facilitation: Learning to assess and address group dynamics and progress.
  • Ethical Considerations in Group Facilitation: Discussing ethical principles and responsibilities when facilitating groups.

The workshop would fully equip participants with the knowledge and skills to facilitate group work upon completing the workshop. Graduates from this programme can work with clients on various issues.

Lesson Plan

The delivery of this workshop is equivalent to a post-graduate module, and it comprises the following:

  • Forty (24) hours of classroom time over three days for lectures, skills training, demonstrations, practice role-plays, and discussions.
  • Six (6) hours of self-directed learning and class assignments.

Course Assessment

Written and video role-play assignment.


Upon successful completion of the workshop, each participant would receive the following:

  • A Professional Certificate in Effective Group Facilitation

Accreditation And Recognition

This course is pending accreditation with the following:

  • Australian Counselling Association (ACA) On-going Professional Development.
  • International Association of Therapists (IAOTH)
    • You may join IAOTH as a therapist.
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