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Why We Don’t Do Certain Things in Counselling: Unveiling the Reasons


Aug 14 2023

In the realm of mental health and counselling, there are practices we deliberately avoid, despite the modern trends and conveniences they may seem to offer. Understanding the reasons behind these decisions is crucial to seek effective and ethical mental health support. In this article, we’ll dive into the rationale behind why certain practices are not commonly embraced at our centre.

Why We Don’t Offer First Session Free

As someone seeking support for your mental well-being, you might wonder why our counselling services don’t provide the first session for free. It sounds appealing, right? However, let’s take a closer look at why this practice might not work in your favour.

While the idea of a free initial session might be enticing, it can have unintended consequences. Counselling is a professional service that requires expertise, time, and commitment from both you and our clinician. Offering a free session might not accurately reflect the true value of the clinician’s skills and the transformative potential of the therapeutic process. By investing in your first session, you signal your dedication to the journey of healing and growth, setting the tone for a meaningful partnership with our clinician.

Why We Don’t Offer Online or Text or Email Counselling

In our digital age, it’s natural to consider online, text, or email counselling as viable options for seeking support. However, when it comes to counselling, there is more to consider. As someone looking for meaningful connections and understanding, you would want to know that our clinician truly hears you. Online communication lacks the immediate feedback, nonverbal cues, and depth of emotional connection that in-person sessions provide. The essence of building trust and rapport is best fostered through genuine, face-to-face conversations. Your journey towards well-being is deserving of the richness that personal interactions bring.

Why We Don’t Dictate the Number of Sessions Needed

In your quest for healing and self-discovery, you might wonder why counselling doesn’t follow a fixed session count. It’s because your journey is unique. Your emotions and experiences can’t be confined to a specific timeframe. Counselling is about understanding you as an individual and tailoring the support accordingly. By not imposing a strict session count, our clinician acknowledges the individuality of your path and provides the flexibility needed for you to work through your challenges at your own pace. It’s about honouring your process and progress.

Why Counselling Is Not Available 24/7

Counselling transcends the notion of 24/7 availability, focusing on enabling and skill-building. While traditional counselling sessions have specific hours, 24/7 hotlines offer immediate assistance during crises. These helplines, staffed by compassionate professionals, provide an essential lifeline when you need to talk urgently.

Additionally, the essence of counselling lies in empowerment. Through the therapeutic journey, you are guided to explore your emotions, thought patterns, and coping mechanisms. You are not just a passive recipient of guidance – you are an active participant in your own healing. Our clinicians work with you to develop the skills and insights that enable you to navigate challenges, even when you are not in a counselling session. This emphasis on self-empowerment ensures that the benefits of counselling extend far beyond the confines of a therapy room.

Why We Don’t Offer Counselling Programs

You may have encountered counselling programs that promise quick solutions to complex challenges. However, your journey toward healing is uniquely yours. Your background, experiences, and struggles are distinct, and they deserve personalized attention. Effective counselling involves tailoring the approach to your specific needs and circumstances. By not offering one-size-fits-all programs, counsellors affirm their commitment to understanding you as an individual, ensuring that the support you receive is well-tailored, authentic, and meaningful.

In short

As we have explored why certain practices are not embraced in our practice, it becomes evident that these decisions are grounded in the principles of professionalism, ethical considerations, and the genuine desire to provide effective support. By understanding and respecting these choices, you can make more informed decisions about your mental health journey. The world of counselling is a dynamic and nuanced one, where the careful consideration of these practices ultimately contributes to a more compassionate and effective therapeutic experience for all.

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