February has witnessed the outbreak of the COVID-19. The raise of DORSCON level has sent many of us into a wild frantic over the perceived lack of hand sanitizer, wet wipes, and masks. Organisations retreated back to safety. Here at The Lion Mind, we have put in place effective precautionary measures such as daily temperature taking for all staff and visitors, issuance of masks, and encouragement frequent hand-washing. Following the advisory from the Ministry of Health, we have put on hold the upcoming “Coping with Anxiety” seminar to reduce the risk of exposure through events. Also, one of the unfortunate results of this “outbreak” is the postpone of the Happiness Conference and the Happiness Film Festival to August 2020.

With regards to the effects of COVID-19 on mental health, It is heartening to have NMP Anthea Ong to call on the government to improve the affordability, accessibility, and quality of mental healthcare in Singapore in her Budget Speech. There she championed the importance of mental health to receive equal importance as physical health. She also highlighted that Resilience is not without good mental health, and the importance of Singaporeans to seek the necessary mental health treatment.

On 4th February 2020, my team has collaborated with NTU Graduate Student Association on their annual Mind Matter event. I have personally given a talk to demystify mental health counselling to the students. This helps students to understand what exactly goes on in the counselling room, how a typical counselling session works, and why there is a need to have more than one counselling session.

On 23rd February 2020, I have facilitated an Introduction to Counselling workshop. A total of 7 participants came. Participants have learnt applied communication micro-skills. Check out the pictures here!

There are limited seats left for the upcoming “Introduction to Art Therapy” workshop. Sign up now if you have not done so!

The Lion Mind team is expanding! We are bringing in a senior clinician who specialized in couple counselling and family therapy. Stay tuned to find out more!

The March school holidays are near. Do take this opportunity to rest and recharge for the coming months ahead.

Stay safe!