The Psychotherapist's Corner - The Brain

In the first edition of The Psychotherapist’s Corner, we spoke about traumatic brain injuries and read some case studies. For this edition, we will go a little deeper, so you get a better understanding of how your brain functions!

The different lobes
“Use your brain lah!” – A common phrase uttered by most of us to our friends! But do you know why there’s so much of emphasis on the brain? It’s because your brain decides every action you take!

The AMAZING human brain is divided into four lobes – occipital, parietal, temporal and frontal. Damages to any part of the lobe will result in an inability to solve problems and understand information (Kalat, 2014).

Case Study
In 1999, an Obstetrician Dr Allan Zarkin carved his initials “AZ” on Liana Gedz’s, abdomen after she delivered her child. When interrogation began, he told officials that it felt like he did a good job so he signed it. There were also observations about his unusual anger at work. They later learnt about his dementia in the frontal lobe, also known as Pick’s disease. The disease disrupts a person’s ability to exhibit socially appropriate behaviours. His medical license was, then, revoked (Dodgson, 2018).

OMG! I didn’t know!
Many people I spoke to had no idea how important their brain was! Think of your brain as the motherboard for your body. It is responsible for your memory, movements and even recognizing people. And all of these is possible only when you look after your brain. Looking after does not only mean protecting it from injuries, it also means you need to have adequate sleep and feed your brain positivity! What you surround your mind with, will impact the choices you make!