It’s almost the end of 2022!

Good news! The Lion Mind is on the Singapore Association for Counselling (SAC) Directory! This further legitimates our counselling & psychotherapy services in Singapore.

October has seen the conclusion of our 12th Psychotherapeutic Approaches (CBT) workshop. This carefully calibrated workshop develops competent clinical psychotherapists and / or associate psychologists. While a five-day workshop is not sufficient to develop an individual deep enough, it is enough to open the door to practice as a mental health specialist. Course graduates can practice psychotherapy under supervision. Graduates from this course can further hone their skills and capabilities through clinical supervision and courses that provide specialized CBT techniques. Specialized CBT techniques include CBT for Insomnia (CBT-i), Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) and Stress Inoculation Training (SIT). Our upcoming November intake is the last for this year! Do sign-up before all vacancies are taken up! Details are below.

I facilitated the Basic Counselling Skills (online) workshop on 15 October 2022 (Saturday) from 9 am to 1 pm. Participants learnt how to provide the necessary skills when communicating with others in distress and about the mental health landscape in Singapore. We are making this workshop pro bono as part of our giveback to the community. The next workshop will be held on 17 December 2022 (Saturday). This coming workshop is the final run, so don’t miss it! 

Our in-house Associate Psychotherapist, Ms Vivien Lai, provided a corporate wellness talk for the Inland Revenue Recreation Club (IRRC) to the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore staff on 11 October 2022 (Tuesday). The corporate wellness talk presented was “The Definitive Guide to Empowering & Connecting with your Child”. Participants benefited as they learnt relevant tips on maintaining a happy relationship with their children. On 27 October 2022 (Thursday), I provided two corporate wellness talks for Lum Chang Holdings Limited at two of their sites. The corporate wellness talk presented was “The Definitive Guide to Combating Anxiety”. Participants benefited as they learnt how to identify the symptoms of anxiousness and how to manage their worries effectively. Corporate wellness talk is crucial to employee well-being by imparting the necessary skills to improve emotional resilience and workplace productivity.

Our in-house Events Management Executive, Ms Alicia Tan, presented a seminar topic on “Coping with Insomnia” on 29 October 2022 (Saturday). This seminar covers the psychological science behind insomnia and how we manage good sleep hygiene. Attendees got to experience sleep assessments and learn how to use a sleep diary to monitor their sleep progress. The attendees enjoyed the seminar.

Lastly, we are still recruiting volunteers for the role of Operation Executives. Volunteers get extensive on-the-job experiences and training. We have limited vacancies left.

Onwards to November!