Ms Long Wei Qi, Shenice
Community Outreach Executive
BSocSc (Hons) (Psych) (Candidate)

Shenice is extremely passionate about the field of mental health. She hopes to raise awareness to dispel the stigma that still surrounds mental illness in Singapore. As a Community Outreach Executive with The Lion Mind, she provides community education to the public via monthly seminars / webinars on various mental health topics.

Shenice has vast experience in working with people from all age groups, from children and youths-at-risk to the elderly. She is well-honed in her communication skills and can empathise with people from all walks of life, having engaged them in various activities that run the gamut from academics to confidence-building.

Shenice is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Social Science (Honours) (Psychology) with the National University of Singapore (NUS). She is working towards her passion of becoming a Clinical Psychologist. She is also currently volunteering as a research assistant under the Centre for Family and Population Research.