It is a new era! As this newsletter is being sent to all friends of The Lion Mind, this should be the last day of the extended Circuit Breaker. While it is time for us to rejoice and integrating slowly back to normalcy through the three phases announced on 19 May 2020, let us not forget the hard work everyone has put in by staying at home and the hard work done by our essential and healthcare workers.

During the closure of the counselling centre, my team has put in many efforts in the preparations to roar back into action. For example, we have up come with the “Coping Series X Circuit Breaker” 12 public webinars to provide the community outreach on how to cope emotionally during the difficult times and how to transits into the post-circuit breaker era.

On 28th April 2020, the Ministry of Health, Singapore (MOH) has declared Allied Health Services such as Psychology and Counselling as essential. And with that, there is a need for all mental health services to reapply to be allowed to operate as essential. We are pleased to update that all our mental health clinicians are approved by both MOH and NCSS Singapore to facilitate face-to-face counselling sessions for clients. This provides us with the recognition that our clinicians are of the quality to provide the necessary essential services.

On 18th May 2020 (Monday), both Kevin and Vivien have represented TLM to be APACS representatives to provide a webinar on “Coping with Work from Home” to BW Monastery staff and volunteers. Tips for effective communication skills were shared as well.

With the careful calibration and normalization of the country, we will be planning for more events in the upcoming months. We will be having more exciting webinars series! The first series entitled “Coping Series X Phase One: Safe Opening” will span across both June and July 2020.

My team have decided to postpone our staple in-house Graduate Certificate in Psychotherapeutic Approaches (CBT Specialisation) workshop to the month of August 2020. This allows us to play an active role in the country’s stabilization of the COVID-19 situation.

While we will be reopening our counselling centre from 2nd June 2020 (Tuesday) onward, we have put in place various safety measures such as SafeEntry tracking system, temperature-taking for all staff, working from home, splitting the manpower into 2 teams, and minimize all non-essential physical staff interaction.

While we enter into Phase One, it is important for us to continue to stay home to isolate and prevent the spread of COVID-19. Let us also not forgot our 2020 new year resolutions. As we are moving towards the mid of 2020, this is a good time for us to review the practicality of achieving them and make the tweaks needed. 

Stay Safe, Stay United! #SGUnited