Life inevitably involves stress, but excessive and unrelenting pressures can result in burnout, a crippling condition. 

Burnout occurs when an individual experiences prolonged periods of stress. It causes individuals to feel emotionally spent, unpleasant and disengaged. Burnout might also potentially harm interpersonal relationships and future career prospects.

Some symptoms of burnout are:

  • Feeling tired and fatigued more easily
  • Unexplained sadness or crying or both
  • Forgetting appointments, deadlines or personal possessions more frequently
  • Short-tempered or easily irritable
  • Constantly feeling stressed
  • Very little to say to others
  • Falling sick easily
  • Increase usage of medical leave

If you are experiencing any of the signs above, it indicates that the stress you have been under may be excessive, and it is crucial to deal with it before it worsens.

Counselling can help to achieve a well-balanced life. Feel free to reach out to us for an appointment today!

Each session lasts up to 50 minutes. Each session is chargeable at $100/-



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