As part of our Mission, The Lion Mind is constantly providing both complimentary and paid workshops for members of the public. These series of mental-health workshops aim to educate as well as equip participants with practical skills for application in everyday life.

Skill-based Workshop

Our Skill-based Workshops provide an overview of the topic of interest. These workshops provide a useful framework that allows participants to decide if they would like to further their studies in those particular specializations. Upon completion of the workshop, participants will also gain tangible skill sets that are applicable in daily life. A Certificate of Participation will be awarded to everyone who has completed the workshop.

  1. Basic Counselling Skills (Introduction to Counselling)
  2. Bonding with Your Child Through Play (Introduction to Play Therapy)
  3. Depression Counselling & Intervention
  4. Introduction to Art Therapy
  5. The ABCs of CBT (Introduction to Cognitive Behaviour Therapy)


Coping Series (Free)*

Each of our Coping Series provides an overview of a particular mental health issue. These are common disorders that plague many Singaporeans of all ages. The series aims to help sufferers as well as educate the general public to de-stigmatize mental health issues in Singapore. 

  1. Coping with Anxiety
  2. Coping with Depression
  3. Coping with Grief & Loss
  4. Coping with Insomnia
  5. Coping with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
  6. Coping with Stress & Burnout


Career Series (Free)

Our Career Series offers prospective students, existing students and fresh graduates an overview of the potential career pathways that students may wish to embark on. During the workshop, one-to-one coaching (through demonstration on the use of the RIASEC assessment) will be provided to empower each individual decide their potential ideal career pathways.

  1. Career Options for Psychology Graduates