Hello everyone! Hope you have been doing well!
Most of us may have already gotten used to the new normal while some of us may still be figuring things out. What is important during this time is that we are mindful of the expectations and pressures we are placing on ourselves and others. Most of the time, we get caught up with tasks that needs to be done and we do not focus on our present moment or wellbeing. As much as achievements are important, we may have been looking at it the wrong way. Achievements do not necessarily mean awards, certificates and getting praises. It can be seen from a personal level as well.
Having enough rest, attending a workshop because it is fun or buying yourself a video game/nice meal can be seen as achievements too. Achievements on a personal level are very important for any individual to function at their best level and feel happy. To some people, attending a candle making workshop may not seem productive because you are not earning money (instead you are spending it), your workload is still at the same amount and you may think it is a waste of time. But, you are neglecting your mental health and personal well-being.
Taking breaks are important. But what kind of breaks are we talking about? Maybe a 5-10 minutes break while we work on our laptop? Sure! Those are good breaks. But, look at things from the bigger picture! Zoom out from your current moment and focus on your entire year! What have you done for yourself? Have you done enough? Was that $100 handbag you bought with your year end’s bonus enough? We need to include more activities in our schedule at least on a bi-weekly basis. While these activities may not lessen our workload or increase our income, they help to increase our happy hormones and show us new perspectives of our lives. It is important for us to zone out from stressful work and tasks and just live in the moment a little. It does not matter whether it is art jamming or pottery or the process of installing new lights in your car. These little things that you do for yourself while stepping out of your comfort zone a little keeps that excitement within you going! Going back to work the following week, you will have more energy and life may not seem so mundane.
It is also important to note that while you engage in these activities, you should not place pressure on yourself to be the best. Even if you tried painting a little bunny that turned out to look monstrous, it is alright! You need to remind yourself that these activities are meant for you to have fun, allow you to live in the moment and make memories. Bring your friends and family along and have some fun moments with them at least twice a month!