September marks another brand new chapter for The Lion Mind!

I am not referring to the further relaxation of the COVID-19 mask requirements. I am amazed by our achievements on the key milestones in August:

First of all, we have successfully completed our SFBT workshop. Participants learnt the knowledge, skills, and philosophy of the Solution-focused. My biggest takeaway is that the solution may not be related to the problem at all! For example, instead of removing the depression from you, we get you to do more things you enjoy doing. For example, going for a summer beach party with your besties). It may sound simple and silly, but it is powerful when the skills are applied correctly.

Secondly, I have presented a corporate talk for Valqua on Combating Stress & Burnout. Stress and burnout are still the number one issues many working adults face, especially employees. Many would feel trapped by the perceived colossal workload, and many would not know how to manage them. It is our third year working with Valqua. The corporate talk was very well received.

Our Instagram series has been well received. Do continue to follow and support us!

We have launched our 2022-2023 Coping Series. This time, we have a team of new facilitators to present the seminars. Our old favourite, Ms Shenice Leong, will present in December 2022 and February 2023, respectively. We will be hosting a physical seminar over at our new counselling centre at Cecil Street. For this month, we are honoured to have Alicia start the seminar series off with Coping with Depression. Do stay tuned to find out more!

Speaking of volunteers, we are still looking for committed psychology undergraduate students to join us. Interested undergraduate students may approach us.

September is going to be another exciting month! Are you excited together with us yet?