Time flies! It’s already the second month of the year!

In January, I have provided a webinar lunch talk to Institute of Technical Education (ITE) on the topic “Combating Imposter Syndrome, the Definitive Guide”. The talk was well-received. On behalf of APACS, I have provided a physical  lunch talk to Aerospace Component Engineering Services (ACES) on the topic “Coping with Workplace Stress & Burnout, the Definitive Guide”.

Both Kevin, my senior mental health clinician, and I have completed the Professional Supervision Course which is accredited by both the Australia Counselling Association (ACA) and the Association of Psychotherapists And Counsellors (Singapore) (APACS). We are on our journey towards becoming an accredited supervisors.

The Lion Mind has been given the opportunity to provide counselling retainer clinic services to the staff of JurongHealth Campus. This is a humble experience kindly provided by APACS. Both Rachel and I will be taking turns to provide the retainer service one day per week.

Wednesday seems to be a very popular day for both our clients and potential clients. Thus, after much discussion, my team has decided to move our operating hours to allow for the centre to be open on Wednesday. This new effect will take place after our Lunar New Year holiday.

We have completed our 6th intake of the Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Workshop! If you are interested, you may sign up for our April 2021 intake. There are limited vacancies left – more than half are taken up!

Wishing everyone an early Lunar New Year!