August is the start of an exciting month.

We have a new team member – Ms Samantha Tee! She joins us as an operations executive, overseeing the smooth centre operations on Friday. We have a couple more volunteers who have recently joined us. We will reveal more details soon!

Our in-house Community Engagement Executive, Ms Wu Shu Han, has worked on a series of Instagram posts for August. It will be bit-sized, informative, and yet easy to digest. Please look forward to the posts.

In August, we will have three major events:

  1. Our pro-bono Basic Counselling Skills (BSC) workshop.
  2. Our maiden launch of the Professional Certification in Solution-focused Brief Therapy (SFBT).
  3. Resuming the group supervision for my learners who have graduated from The Lion Mind’s CBT workshop programme.

The BSC workshop is helpful for everyone, as it gives an insight into the mental health industry, the various mental health professionals, and the essential counselling skills. I will engage learners in in-depth discussion and role play. Not only that, learners will discover that counselling is not that easy. This will dispels the myth that counselling is “just talking”.

The professional certificate in SFBT is my way of branching out into another new psychotherapy workshop territory. After having more than ten runs of the CBT workshop, I have decided to run something a little more compact and focused. This workshop is a good add-on for mental health practitioners and life coaches who seek out an alternative modality to help their clients. I am proud to announce that the Australia Counselling Association (ACA) Ongoing Professional Development (OPD) programme and the International Association of Therapists (IAOTH) have accredited this workshop.

As the COVID-19 pandemic is easing here in Singapore and we have a new space for The Lion Mind, it is time to resume group supervision. The group supervision allows participants to clock supervision hours for both ACA and the Association of Psychotherapists And Counsellors (Singapore) (APACS) at an affordable rate. I cannot wait to see my fellow psychotherapists!

I am positively excited. Are you?