Workshop - Social Loafing – Why People Hate or Love Group Projects

Social loafing is a phenomenon that occurs when an individual put in less effort in a group project as compared to individual work. This happens from the mindset that every member in the group is going to contribute anyway, and the individual would feel less compelled to put in effort for their part and would lead to the temptation to free ride. Social loafing is unhealthy and can promote politics among members and breed resentments. Join us at this workshop to understand the nature of social loafing so that you won’t be a perpetrator nor a victim of it.



The content of the workshop include:

  • What is social loafing
  • Are you a victim or perpetrator of social loafing
  • What can you do to prevent social loafing
  • Sources of social loafing
  • Factors influencing deindividuation
  • Real world analogues



Upon successful completion of the workshop, each participant would receive:

  1. Certificate of Participation in Social Loafing – Why People Hate or Love Group Projects



Date: 16 June 2019 (Sunday)
Time: 9am to 1pm
Facilitator: Ms Eunice Koh
Course Fees: SGD$128 nett

Student concession rates available. Please enquire for more details.






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