The Psychotherapist's Corner - The Brain

The Psychotherapist’s Rumblings – April 2019

In the first edition of The Psychotherapist’s Corner, we spoke about traumatic brain injuries and read some case studies. For this edition, we will go a little deeper, so you get a better understanding of how your brain functions! The different lobes “Use your brain lah!” – A common phrase uttered by most of us to our friends! But do you know why there’s so much of emphasis on the ...
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The Psychotherapist's Corner - Brain Trauma

The Psychotherapist’s Corner – March 2019

Hello everyone! Welcome to the first edition of “The Psychotherapist Corner”. In this edition, we will be sharing information about your brain with you! If you have friends who play soccer, then there is a high chance you would have heard the word “concussion” before! But what exactly is concussion? Your brain is inside the skull; however, it is not attached to the skull - your brain “floats”! It is ...
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