Anxiety Picture

Combating Anxiety

Have you ever wondered what anxiety is? Or if anxiety is good or bad? Most of us experience anxiety that comes when we have to meet deadlines at work or prepare for a national exam. Feeling some level of anxiety during such periods prompt people to act so that they are able to meet their deadlines (Remes, 2018). However, when the feelings develop in non-threatening situations constantly, the person could ...
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Recognising Self-Sabotage

Do you often hold yourself back from doing what you really want to do? Are you plagued by constant criticism? Do you feel that you are a disappointment? These behaviours and thoughts can be explained by self-sabotage. Self-sabotage occurs when people doubt their potential because of the constant thought that they don’t have the ability to do something (Patel, 2018). The doubts come because of a person’s thought pattern. These ...
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Emotional Acceptance in Families and Boys

Boys are taught to “man up” by parents and men acknowledge that they have learned to not express their pain. Phrases like “boys don’t cry” were modelled by caregivers such as fathers (Brownhill, Wilhelm, Barclay, & Parker, 2002). Boys are humiliated when they play with dolls and they are expected to do well in sports (Reichert, 2019). However, parents need to understand that every child has different strengths and a ...
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Masculinity and Invalidating Emotions

In the last few editions, we focused on brain structure and how it affects a person. In this edition, we will be focusing on a social issue and why it should not be ignored. The recent statistics in Singapore for male suicides is two times higher than female (Cheow, 2019). Males resort to lethal methods of suicide because of the inability to cope with the pressure placed by society on ...
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The Psychotherapist's Corner - The Magic of Rewiring!

The Magic of Rewiring!

Did you know your brain has the ability to repair itself? PLASTICITY! That’s what it’s called! It means your brain reroutes its network to compensate for the loss of abilities! Do you remember that classmate in school that wore a patch for their lazy-eye condition? Well, forcing their lazy eye to be the only source of visual information did not change anything about the eye, but, it did cause their ...
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