Counsellor’s Rambling – June 2019

With the arrival of June comes the gentle reminder for all of us that we are in the mid of 2019. This is a good time for The Lion Mind team to take a step back and review all the good work we have done and to decide what are the directions we could move for the remaining of the year. We have collaborated with the Happiness Initiative with the ...
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Counsellor’s Ramblings – May 2019

As we move into the second quarter of 2019 (how time flies), we are gearing up for more exciting upcoming events for everyone! First of all, we have made minor adjustments and tweaks to optimise and improve our website. This will allow for smoother user experience. Secondly, we have successfully rolled out our Life Skills Series under two sub-series - "Parenting 101" and "The Definitive Guide". In addition, we completed ...
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The Lion Mind - Workshop - Introduction to Art Therapy - March 2019

Counsellor’s Ramblings – April 2019

March is another exciting month for the organisation. We have successfully completed our “Introduction to Art Therapy” workshop for the general public by Mrs Vijaya Mohan and free seminars on “Coping with Anxiety” and “Coping with Stress & Burnt-out by Mr Tan Wei Jie. Mr Tan Wei Jie (with the support of Ms Eunice Koh) had also presented a seminar topic entitled “Coping with Caregiver Stress & Burnt-out” to the ...
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The Lion Mind - Singapore Book of Records - Feb 2019

Counsellor’s Ramblings – March 2019

February is a relatively short month, being further "shortened" by the long the lunar new year festivities. We have braved through this month with many "trophies". The first one was participating in setting a new record in the Singapore Book of Records. The second was being presented the accreditation certification by APACS for the CBT course during the recent AGM in February. Thirdly, we have fruitful meetings with Happiness Initiatives, ...
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Counsellor’s Rambling – February 2019

A brand new year, a brand new team, a brand new direction for the organisation. I am blessed to be able to grow our team to a solid size of five. With this expanded team, we are able to provide better outreach to the members of the public. Along with new team members, we are blessed to have World renowned and acclaimed Rangoli artiste and Art Psychotherapist – Ms Vijaya ...
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