The Lion Mind Launch - Nov 2018

Counsellor’s Ramblings – October 2018

October 2018 Rumblings The Lion Mind Counselling Centre was officially launched on 10th September 2018. We were blessed with many people coming to us for help. There were support from Psychologists who came for our public workshops. Certified MSA Therapists from Indonesia also came down to congratulate us on our opening. We are working closely with the Association of Psychotherapists And Counsellors (Singapore) (APACS) to bring quality clinical courses. These ...
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Counsellor’s Rumbling – September 2018

Why seek professional treatment when I can find my besties to talk to? Seeing a mental health professional can help you restructure your thinking process, trace back the roots of your issues, deconstruct your faulty cognitive beliefs and rebuilt them. Psychotherapy/counselling services provided by these professionals are evidence-based (scientific). Psychologists and counsellors are bounded by their ethics to provide you with any bits of advice. Instead, they guide you to seek ...
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