The Lion Mind - Singapore Book of Records - Feb 2019

Counsellor’s Ramblings – March 2019

February is a relatively short month, being further "shortened" by the long the lunar new year festivities. We have braved through this month with many "trophies". The first one was participating in setting a new record in the Singapore Book of Records. The second was being presented the accreditation certification by APACS for the CBT course during the recent AGM in February. Thirdly, we have fruitful meetings with Happiness Initiatives, ...
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Counsellor’s Rambling – February 2019

A brand new year, a brand new team, a brand new direction for the organisation. I am blessed to be able to grow our team to a solid size of five. With this expanded team, we are able to provide better outreach to the members of the public. Along with new team members, we are blessed to have World renowned and acclaimed Rangoli artiste and Art Psychotherapist – Ms Vijaya ...
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The Lion Mind - CBT Course - NUS sharing - Dec 2018

Counsellor’s Rambling – January 2019

December has been a busy festive month for my team. We have facilitated a 5-day CBT workshop course. This course is recognised by both the Australian Counselling Association (ACA) and the Association of Psychotherapists And Counsellors (Singapore) (APACS). In addition, we have collaborated with the Murdoch Psychology Society Singapore (MPSS) and SIM Psychology Society (SIM PSYSOC) for a community outreach event from 21st to 23rd December at the pre-Christmas MOX ...
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The Lion Mind - MOX Parade Roadshow - Dec 2018

Counsellor’s Rambling – December 2018

November has been an exciting month for my team. We have collaborated with SIM Psychology Society (SIM PsySoc) for their in-house event: "Do You Even Mind?" at SIM Global Education on 18 November. We had a Grand Opening for our Counselling Centre and we were encouraged by many who have turned up for the event. We have completed two well-received public talks. We have also completed an-house seminar by a ...
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The Lion Mind - SIM GE - Do You Even Mind? - Nov 2018

Counsellor’s Ramblings – November 2018

October has been an eventful month for my team. We have met up with three tertiary Psychology clubs, namely the Murdoch Psychology Society Singapore (MPSS), NUS Psychology Society, and SIM Psychology Society (SIM PsySoc) to provide outreach into the community, raising the awareness that mental health is just as important as physical health. In addition, we are also working with the Singapore Psychology Society's Aspiring Professional Special Interests Group (SIG) ...
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