The Counsellor’s Insights…

~Mr. James Chong

It’s the start of 2023!

With a new year comes a new resolution! This year marks our 5th anniversary, a massive milestone for both my co-founder and me. In addition, we will be bringing in more people to join our team. As we say goodbye to our graduates, we look forward to fresh beginnings!

2022 has been an interesting year. We were recovering well from the COVID-19 pandemic and getting some normalcy back into our lives. Old partnerships ended, and new partnerships were formed. 2022 has been an exciting year for my organisation. We have moved from our founding venue at Peace Centre to our current location at Cecil Street. This move is a significant milestone that symbolises our growth as an organisation. For more information on our achievements in 2022, click here.

I am happy to be able to watch over the growth of my organisation and my team members. Many of my team members have graduated from the programme and are achieving greatness. It is heartening for me to see them achieve their dreams of becoming accredited mental health clinicians and specialising in their niche. I want to take this opportunity to thank them for their contributions and for allowing me to be part of their journey. With their departure, we are looking for more to join our team in 2023. Click here to find out more!

To end things off, I would like to wish everyone a great 2023!

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