We have officially entered the second half of 2020. Although there are many unfortunate circumstances during this COVID-19 pandemic, there are many good and beautiful moments too! The human race is strong and resilient!

In June, I have facilitated a webinar entitled “Managing Depression during COVID-19 Pandemic”. In the webinar, I mentioned about how the current situation has made everyone feels less productive even though we are putting in so much more effort. The output does not justify the input and this may result in us having a sense of frustration and hopelessness, leading to the eventual of having mood disorders such as Depression. I also highlighted what goes on in a counselling setting and dispel the myth and community stigma of mental health disorders. This is to encourage more to seek out evidence-based mental health treatment.

On 22 June 2020, our in-house Clinical Psychotherapist – Ms Vivien Lai  have facilitated a webinar for CPA Australia. The topic She have presented is “Managing Stress & Burnout During COVID-19 Pandemic”. The webinar covers the stress and burnout that an individual may face during the COVID-19 pandemic and how an individual can overcome the difficulties faced during this trying times. The webinar was attended by more than 80 participants and was very well-received!

With the country moving into Phase Two, we will be launching two more webinars! these webinars are in line with the current COVID-19 situation and we trying our best to outreach to the community. In addition, we are opening up more counselling slots. If you have any family and/ or friends who are facing difficulties, do refer them to us for help.

Stay Safe, Stay United! #SGUnited