Happy 2021 everyone!!

The new year has brought along a new hope in combating the COVID-19 pandemic. It gives everyone reliefs that the vaccines are coming to us very soon. While waiting, let us not forget the good works that we have done in 2020 and how we are able to bring these work forward into 2021.

December has been a busy month for The Lion Mind team despite it supposed to be a “rest month” based on the culture here in Singapore. The CBT workshop for December 2020 run has concluded on 19 December. The workshop for the January 2021 run is starting soon! In addition, my team members, Weiren, Wei Jie, and Vivien have completed their first-ever conference presentation on the topic “Empathy Matters!” and ended off the Happiness Conference 2020 with it. I was invited by BCD Travel to give a lunch talk on “Combating Impostor Syndrome” and was re-invited by Aviva Affinity (Asia) to give another talk on “Combating Workplace Stress & Burnout”. Also, I have represented APACS on a couple of meetings to help influence the mental health policies and shape the mental health scene in Singapore.

In the spirits of continuous education, I have attended an online workshop on Suicide Intervention Skills Workshop with SOS. With the new changes in the local law, there is so much that we do not know and understand how to handle our client’s crisis cases during counselling.

During the corporate retreat, along with charting for 2021 plans, my co-founder and I have presented the 2021 Directors’ Report to the team.

Phase three has started for a couple of days. This gives a hopeful start to 2021.

A new year is upon us. Let us look forward to a better year!