With the arrival of June comes the gentle reminder for all of us that we are in the mid of 2019. This is a good time for The Lion Mind team to take a step back and review all the good work we have done and to decide what are the directions we could move for the remaining of the year.

We have collaborated with the Happiness Initiative with the 6th “Screw-up Moments” event on 9th May (Thursday) 2019, 7pm at *SCAPE with three speakers who shared their innermost struggles and how they have succeeded.

We are pleased to announce that we are collaborating with our local artiste, singer and songwriter – Falling Feathers in promoting mental health awareness. His music entitled ‘Monsters‘ will be played at our events.

Our interview with Esquire Singapore, entitled: “The disorder of doubt: what we get wrong about obsessive-compulsive disorders” has been featured! The reporter Mr Wayne Cheong, has kindly visited our Counselling Centre to find out more about OCD. He has also tried out the mental health assessment – the Yale-Brown OCD Scale.

We will be collaborating with Far East Organisation on 15th June (Saturday), 1.30pm to provide a seminar on the overview of our Next-Level Parenting (NLP) series to help parents who may be experiencing day-to-day issues with their kids. On a related note, there are limited seats left to our upcoming NLP series entitled “Bonding with Your Child through Play” and “Empowering and Connecting with Your Child“. These workshops used applied evidence-based psychological theories that would help empower parents.

Lastly, The Lion Mind team is feeling very blessed and thankful that there are so many community partners supporting us on this meaningful journey!