Have you experienced working late, and / or bringing work home? 

Do you have difficulty sleeping, or feeling anxious before the day of an important presentation? 

In our Asian culture, overworking seemed like an acceptable virtue, sacrificing our time for family, friends, and most importantly ourselves. 

Addiction to work, damaged relationships, poor quality of life, insomnia, and anxiety attacks are some of the consequences of overworking. 

How we then achieve a work-life balance without sacrificing work performances?

Participants will learn:

  • What is workplace anxiety, stress, and burnt-out?
  • The signs and triggers stress and burnt-out
  • How to have sufficient selfcare
  • How to seek help?
  • How can you use adequate stress to increase your work performance?
  • Why are we not practising self-care
  • Activity: Free Assessment – Burnout Questionnaire [Only available for face-to-face talks]


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