Have you ever questioned yourself whether you are qualified for a task or a job? Questioning whether you feel ready? Or even doubt your own accomplishments? These feelings are known as impostor syndrome or what is known as the impostor phenomenon.

In addition, people who has superwoman/man complex with impostor syndrome will find it hard to say “no” to others especially in a working environment.

They do this because they feel that they don’t deserve their current role, and they take on even more to prove their worthiness.

This is very real in many working environments currently which often results in stress, burn-out, health issues and losing out in family time.

It is important to combat impostor syndrome, as this lack of validation from oneself will result in stagnation, constantly depriving yourself of what you deserve.

Successfully combating impostor syndrome allows you to be able to accept one’s strengths and weaknesses and learning who they truly are and then excelling in what they’re good at instead of pressuring themselves to excel in every single area.

Learn how to live a more appreciative life with unconditional acceptance and compassion which is something everyone wants, but somehow not achieving it.

Participants will learn:

  • What is impostor syndrome
  • The impostor cycles
  • Who experience impostor syndrome?
  • What are the tell-tale signs and symptoms?
  • How to deal with it
  • Activity: Free Assessment – Measuring Imposter Syndrome (Clance IP, Harvey IP) [Only available for face-to-face talks]


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