Welcome to The Lion Mind! Below are some information about the counselling and psychological services provided that is important for you to understand. The purpose of this form is to share some important guidelines to manage your expectations before the start of our services and for us to manage the treatment process together. Review this information carefully and ask our intake counsellor any questions before you sign this consent. You may request for a copy of this form from us. We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. In the event that any changes are made, the revised terms and conditions shall be posted on our website https://thelionmind.org.sg/client-inform-consent/ immediately. Please check the latest information posted to inform yourself of any changes.


  1. Services and Staff

The Lion Mind ensures that we offer high quality standards of counselling and psychological services. Our clinicians have extensive post-graduate qualifications and trainings. In addition, we are accredited by the Association of Psychotherapists And Counsellors (Singapore) (APACS). Any services provided by interns and / or trainees are supervised closely by a qualified supervisor.


  1. Your Privacy and Confidentiality

 The laws and ethical standards require The Lion Mind to keep a copy of the client record. A client file will be created for you during your journey with us. This file is private and confidential, and is protected under the Personal Data Protection Act (Singapore). We will take all reasonable measures to protect your privacy. You have the right to request to view a copy of your records as long as it does not cause you or anyone else harm to do so, or for other reasons outlined by applicable laws. Because the records are written by professionals, they can be misinterpreted by untrained readers. If you do want to see your records, you may request to review them with your clinician so that he / she may discuss and explain the contents with you. We will keep the files for two (2) years after you have ended your journey with us, after which the records will be destroyed.

All information shared by you during the therapy session is confidential and will not be revealed to any other person or agency without your written permission with the following exceptions:


  • Duty to warn

If you intend to take harmful, dangerous, or criminal action against another human being, or against yourself, it is the clinician’s duty to warn immediately the appropriate individuals or agencies of such intentions. In addition, any actual or suspected acts of child, elder, or disabled person abuse (including physical abuse, sexual abuse, unlawful sexual intercourse, neglect, emotional and psychological abuse) will be reported to the appropriate agencies (e.g. police) by the clinician.


  • Court Subpoenas

When lawyers believe that a client’s clinician may have valuable information for their case, they will subpoena her/his notes, records, and in some instances, even the clinician themselves. In general, once a subpoena is served, it must be obeyed. 


  • Consultation

Information about you may be discussed in confidence, without revealing your identity, with other counselling professionals and / or supervisors for the purpose of consultation and providing you with the best possible service.


  • Debt Neglect

In the event that you are unable to make payment for the services provided by The Lion Mind, no services will be rendered to you. However, our staff will refer you to another clinician (e.g. Institute of Mental Health or any others as deemed applicable) in the case of emergency.


  • Rights of the Minor

If you are under the age of 21, your parents (or legal guardian) have the right to examine your treatment records. Before giving them any information, your clinician will discuss the matter with you, and do his / her best to handle any objections you may have. It is important for you to understand that your clinician will provide a summary report written in your best interests.


  1. Professional Relationship

The relationship with any of our clinician is a professional one guided by ethics set by the Association of Psychotherapists And Counsellors (Singapore) (APACS) and/or other accreditation bodies that our clinician may be registered to. In general, our clinician cannot:

  • Have a business or personal friendship relationship with you
  • Be your counsellor if you are related
  • Have any type of romantic or sexual relationship with you, or with any people close to you
  • Be your supervisor, teacher, or evaluator
  • Receive gifts from you


  1. Counselling Session

Your clinician is the subject matter expert in using psychotherapeutic tools to help guide you in resolving your issues. However, you are the subject matter expert in yourself. Thus, it is important for you and your clinician to work together to achieve the best treatment outcome.

Each counselling session will last up to 50 minutes and may be extended by your clinician depending on the complexity. Psychological assessment or testing varies and will be advised by your clinician. There may also be a need to refer you to external clinician for services not provided by The Lion Mind (e.g. prescription of drugs, OT support, etc).

You have the right to ask questions about anything that happens during the therapy session. Your clinician will be willing to discuss with you. You can feel free to tell your clinician to try something that you think will be helpful or refuse any treatment proposed to you. It is also your right to leave the therapy session at any time. However, we recommend that you arrange for a termination session. If you are dissatisfied by the services provided by The Lion Mind, please inform us. We will try our level best to work with you. You also have the right to file a formal complaint with APACS if you are still dissatisfied with our services.


  1. Appointment Scheduling

 Please contact us to arrange for a session. All sessions must be arranged at least in a week’s advance. Our staff will contact you within 2 working days upon receiving your request. We will text you of the confirmed the date and time.

During your session with your clinician, he / she may arrange with you for your next session. We recommend for a consistent treatment session to aid in your rehabilitation. In order to be effective, therapy needs to take place on a regular basis. The best results occur when appointments are consistently scheduled and regularly attended.


  • Late Arrivals

Please arrive for your appointment on time. As a courtesy to the client who has booked the next appointment, your session will still end at the original scheduled time. We may have to reschedule if you are more than 15 minutes late.


  • Cancelled / Missed / No-Show

If you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment, please notify your clinician at least 24 hours prior to your schedule time so we may be able to offer your appointment to someone else.


  1. Emergencies

 If you have an emergency between sessions, please contact your family doctor, the nearest hospital, Institute of Mental Health hotline (6389 2222), Samaritans Of Singapore (SOS) (1800 221 4444), or 995. Do inform us immediately during our next working day.