Festive Season and Look Out for Others

Christmas is one of the holidays that people from all around the world look forward to. It is a time for us to spend with our loved ones, exchange presents, indulge in good food, decorate our homes and watch good movies. However, it is not always a fun time for everyone. Our loved ones could be feeling overwhelmed or isolated during these festive seasons. What can we do for them? ...
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Cognitive Behaviour Therapy & Overcoming Fears

What is Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) is a mix of two approaches: Cognitive Therapy (CT) and Behaviour Therapy (BT). While CT on its own focuses on how an individual’s thoughts and beliefs add on to their negative emotions, BT focuses on how the individual’s behavioural patterns arise and how they could be changed to alter the person’s mood. CBT helps to tackle people’s negative thoughts, actions and ...
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OCD shoes

Daily Battles with OCD

The term “Obsessive Compulsive Disorder” (OCD) is quite commonly used among people to attribute a behaviour. The most common behaviour that people are aware of is washing of hands, excessively. However, OCD is more than just about washing hands (Baker, 2018). OCD is among one of the top three mental disorders in Singapore and it has been increasing over the years. Currently, 1 in 28 people have OCD (Chandra, 2019) ...
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Anxiety Picture

Combating Anxiety

Have you ever wondered what anxiety is? Or if anxiety is good or bad? Most of us experience anxiety that comes when we have to meet deadlines at work or prepare for a national exam. Feeling some level of anxiety during such periods prompt people to act so that they are able to meet their deadlines (Remes, 2018). However, when the feelings develop in non-threatening situations constantly, the person could ...
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Recognising Self-Sabotage

Do you often hold yourself back from doing what you really want to do? Are you plagued by constant criticism? Do you feel that you are a disappointment? These behaviours and thoughts can be explained by self-sabotage. Self-sabotage occurs when people doubt their potential because of the constant thought that they don’t have the ability to do something (Patel, 2018). The doubts come because of a person’s thought pattern. These ...
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