Counsellor’s Ramblings – October 2019

For October, we celebrate the Mental Health Awareness Month 2019, the OCD Awareness Week from 13 Oct to 19 Oct 2019, and the World Mental Health Day on 10th October.

To start things off, we have presented a seminar on “Coping with OCD” to the Association of Professional Trainers, Singapore (APTS) for their 155th APTS Networking & Workshop on the 26 September 2019 (Thursday). 

We will be collaborating with Shell on 10 October 2019 (Thursday) to provide an outreach programme for their staff, and presenting a talk on “Coping with Workplace Stress & Burnout” for their staff as well. This is to help de-stigmatize mental health and raising awareness of the mental health resources available.

In collaboration with Aileron Wellness, we will be having a wellness seminar on 12 October 2019 (Saturday) on “Coping with OCD”.

Mental health is not all about staring into the Medical Model in despair. There is a new school of thought that is tackling mental health through positive psychology. As such, the Happiness Initiative will be having Screwed Up Moment #8 edition cum the Launch of Podcast Series on 2 Oct 2019 (Wednesday) over at The Red Box. Our team will be there to provide free mental health assessment during the event. Do come and support!

Spread the love and awareness for Mental Health!

Counsellor’s Ramblings – September 2019

In the month of August, we have opened up our internal clinical group supervision to participants who have completed the Graduate Certificate in Psychotherapeutic Approaches (CBT Specialization) with us. The topic covered this month was  The Application of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy in Counselling.

In addition, we have completed our pilot run of ‘Depression Counselling & Intervention’ with a cozy group of five participants. Positive feedback was received by our participants. Our seminar on ‘Coping with Anxiety’ by our Centre Manager, Mr Tan Wei Jie, was very well received.

This month, we will be having a free seminar on’ Coping with Loss & Grief’. The workshop ‘ABCs of CBT’ is back by popular demand! Come learn the art and science of Cognitive Therapy in this four hours of experiential workshop facilitated by me.

Wishing everyone an early happy Halloween!

Counsellor’s Rambling – August 2019

This is the month where we celebrate our country’s 54th birthday. This is a good time for many of us to take a break on the long holiday weekend before continuing with our life marathon.

We have completed our second run of the workshop “Introduction to Art Therapy”. We received positive feedback from workshop participants. Do not worry if you miss this run. We are working with Mrs Vijaya Mohan closely for more run of the workshop in 2020.

The Lion Mind team was delighted and honoured to be invited for corporate lunch talks in July. “The Definitive Guide to Combating Workplace Stress & Burnout” was presented for Richemont Luxury (Singapore) Pte Ltd, and “The Definitive Guide to Combating Impostor Syndrome” for OMD Singapore Pte Ltd. 

We at The Lion Mind have noticed the common misconception for Depression counselling and intervention. Many people are in their wits ends when their loved ones are not receptive to mental health treatment(s). Therefore, in the month of August, we will be rolling out a new workshop – Depression Counselling & Intervention. This is an interesting workshop for members of the public to learn how to help their loved ones who are suffering from Depression.

In addition, I would like to advocate for family members to receive counselling. This enables and empowers family members to learn how to cope with their loved ones who are suffering from Depression. The Lion Mind offers first counselling session free, allowing you to try out our counselling services and start the healing process before committing to subsequent sessions.

Lastly, I would like to announce that the December intake for the workshop “Graduate Certificate in Psychotherapeutic Approaches (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy)” is open for registration. This is a useful course for aspiring clinicians (e.g. Psychology degree holder) who wishes to start clinical work in the mental healthcare industry, educators (e.g. Polytechnic lecturers) to help their students, and human resource professionals to learn the necessary intervention skills to help their colleagues. We will be limiting the class size to ensure the best learning outcome for workshop participants.

Wishing everyone a happy August 2019!

Counsellor’s Rambling – July 2019

July can not have come any sooner! With our expanding services, we have acquired a new eMpathy room. Starting 15 July 2019 (Monday), the room would be made available for both our in-house clinicians and external clinicians. With our on-going partnership and collaboration with the Association of Psychotherapists And Counsellors (Singapore) (APACS) and our efforts to give-back to the Helping Industry, all APACS members would enjoy a special rate for the room rental.

A couple of highlights for June:

  1. Our Basic Counselling skills workshop on 1 June (Saturday) was a success! Participants attended this workshop had the opportunity to practice with our three in-house clinicians. This is a good workshop for participants to have applied hands-on practice on counselling skills such as reflection and summarisation.
  2. We have collaborated with Far East Organisation on 15th June (Saturday), to provide a seminar on the overview of our Next-Level Parenting (NLP) series to help parents who may be experiencing day-to-day issues with their kids. 
  3. We are honoured to be able to collaborate with APACS to host their quarterly Membership Development Day on 22 June (Saturday). 
  4. Dr Jeffrey Po had kindly faciliated  “The Psychology of ‘mindfulness’ – the Journey” workshop on 29 June (Sunday). Everyone had fun learning the science behind mindfulness.
  5. We had our first run of “The ABCs of CBT” on 30 June (Sunday). Participants learnt how to use cognitive restructuring to improve their lives.
  6. Our Life Skills Series workshop have been encouraging! My team will continue to roll out more interesting workshops. So keep a look out!

The “Introduction to Art Therapy” workshop by Mrs Vijaya Mohan (art Psychotherapist) is back by popular demand! To ensure the maximum therapeutic outcome for class participants, there will be limited seats available on a first-come-first-serve basis only.

Lastly, we are happy to be able to work with the various corporations to provide talks, seminars, and / or workshops to their staff. This would help us to drive our goals in promoting mental wellness to the community.

Counsellor’s Rambling – June 2019

With the arrival of June comes the gentle reminder for all of us that we are in the mid of 2019. This is a good time for The Lion Mind team to take a step back and review all the good work we have done and to decide what are the directions we could move for the remaining of the year.

We have collaborated with the Happiness Initiative with the 6th “Screw-up Moments” event on 9th May (Thursday) 2019, 7pm at *SCAPE with three speakers who shared their innermost struggles and how they have succeeded.

We are pleased to announce that we are collaborating with our local artiste, singer and songwriter – Falling Feathers in promoting mental health awareness. His music entitled ‘Monsters‘ will be played at our events.

Our interview with Esquire Singapore, entitled: “The disorder of doubt: what we get wrong about obsessive-compulsive disorders” has been featured! The reporter Mr Wayne Cheong, has kindly visited our Counselling Centre to find out more about OCD. He has also tried out the mental health assessment – the Yale-Brown OCD Scale.

We will be collaborating with Far East Organisation on 15th June (Saturday), 1.30pm to provide a seminar on the overview of our Next-Level Parenting (NLP) series to help parents who may be experiencing day-to-day issues with their kids. On a related note, there are limited seats left to our upcoming NLP series entitled “Bonding with Your Child through Play” and “Empowering and Connecting with Your Child“. These workshops used applied evidence-based psychological theories that would help empower parents.

Lastly, The Lion Mind team is feeling very blessed and thankful that there are so many community partners supporting us on this meaningful journey!