Counsellor’s Rumblings – May 2019

As we move into the second quarter of 2019 (how time flies), we are gearing up for more exciting upcoming events for everyone!

First of all, we have made minor adjustments and tweaks to optimise and improve our website. This will allow for smoother user experience.

Secondly, we have successfully rolled out our Life Skills Series under two sub-series – “Parenting 101” and  “The Definitive Guide”. In addition, we completed the third run of our level one counselling workshop entitled “Basic Counselling Skills.”

Thirdly, we have a continuation of the “Parenting 101” sub-series entitled “Communicate With Your Child Through Play” which will cover some of the fundamentals of Child-centred Play Therapy (CCPT). We would also be running an introduction to Cognitive Behaviour Therapy workshop entitled “The ABCs of CBT” in June.

Our CBT workshop has been fully subscribed! Our next intake would be in December. So keep a lookout for it!

We are honored to be briefly mentioned in The Business Times news article – “A Formula For Happiness“. Special thanks to Happiness Initiative for the mention!

We are happy to be able to contribute in making into the Singapore Book of Records for “Most Number of People Doing Stone Painting Together” on 27th April 2019 (Saturday)!

We will be collaborating with the Happiness Initiative with the upcoming “Screw-up Moments” event on 9th May (Thursday) 2019, 7pm at *SCAPE. Find out more here!

Lastly, I want to take this opportunity to thank all our team members in helping us to spread positivity to the community.

Counsellor’s Rumblings – April 2019

March is another exciting month for the organisation. We have successfully completed our “Introduction to Art Therapy” workshop for the general public by Mrs Vijaya Mohan and free seminars on “Coping with Anxiety” and “Coping with Stress & Burnt-out by Mr Tan Wei Jie. Mr Tan Wei Jie (with the support of Ms Eunice Koh) had also presented a seminar topic entitled “Coping with Caregiver Stress & Burnt-out” to the members of the Rotaract Club of Temasek. I had attended the 40th Annual General Meeting for the Singapore Psychological Society (SPS) to keep myself updated on the industry updates.

In addition, we have supported the Happiness Initiative’s world first Happiness Film Festival as a community partner. The Film Festival started a pre-event entitled “Screwed Up Moments 5: The Shining Stars of Losers Everywhere” on 14th March (Thursday) and “Human” on 16th March (Saturday). The Festival launched on 20 March (Wednesday), UN’s International Day of Happiness, with A BRAVE HEART: THE LIZZIE VELASQUEZ STORY, the story of how Lizzie Velasquez overcame cyberbullying to become an inspiration to millions of people worldwide. In addition, the Lion Mind team attended the screening of “Finding Hygge” on 22nd March (Friday) and the workshop on “Happiness 101: An Introduction” on  23rd March (Saturday). We also went for “Building Happiness Initiatives” on 30th March (Saturday) as part of their post-film dialogue sessions.

We have migrated our newsletter successfully over to MailChimp. This would allow us to send you better quality monthly newsletter and exclusive deals.

April is another exciting month, where we will launch our second-course intake on “Graduate Certificate in Psychotherapeutic Approaches (CBT Specialisation). This course is ideal for Psychology graduates who are not ready to do their post-graduate qualifications but requires the skills and experience to practice as a mental health clinician. For existing clinicians who do not have the skills and knowledge in CBT, this would be a good course for you to gain the necessary competencies.

Lastly, for all our half-day workshop in April, we have an early bird promo code “TLM31A” for you to enjoy a discount of more than 20% off our regular prices!

Counsellor’s Rumblings – March 2019

February is a relatively short month, being further “shortened” by the long the lunar new year festivities. We have braved through this month with many “trophies”.

The first one was participating in setting a new record in the Singapore Book of Records. The second was being presented the accreditation certification by APACS for the CBT course during the recent AGM in February. Thirdly, we have fruitful meetings with Happiness Initiatives, and NP ActivAid for various collaborations for 2019. This motivates and excites us to continue bringing quality programmes to the public!

One more (personal) “trophies” – I am officially a FULL member of the Singapore Psychological Society! This provides the affirmation that our programmes and services as not only counselling-based but also psychological-based!

In addition, our Psychology Revision Clinic programme was well-received by participants. Special shout-out to our fun-loving Centre Manager – Wei Jie for developing the awesome course materials for us.

Dhivyaa, our in-house Psychotherapist will be contributing  quality Psychology-related articles (below) starting this month!

We are also proud to be the Community Partner with Happiness Initiative’s Happiness Film Festival 2019!

Our CBT course is the only accredited course in Singapore. Furthermore, we are double accredited! Visit this link for more information about our accreditation with ACA.

We have prepared some interesting workshops in coming March and April. One of them is our collaboration with Mrs Vijaya Mohan for a  one-day ACA accredited workshop on Art Therapy. So do look out for them!

Counsellor’s Rumbling – February 2019

A brand new year, a brand new team, a brand new direction for the organisation. I am blessed to be able to grow our team to a solid size of five. With this expanded team, we are able to provide better outreach to the members of the public.

Along with new team members, we are blessed to have World renowned and acclaimed Rangoli artiste and Art Psychotherapist – Ms Vijaya Mohan, and Counselling Psychologist and founder of APACS – Dr Jeffrey Poh working with us to provide quality clinical programmes for our centre.

In addition, we are also working with Project ActivAid, and many other organisations to bring in quality programmes for the member of the public.

February not only marks the season of the Lunar New Year, but it also marks the mid-terms for many tertiary students. We have prepared a series of revision clinic to help struggling students.

Wishing all of you a blessed Lunar New Year 2019!

Counsellor’s Rumbling – January 2019

December has been a busy festive month for my team. We have facilitated a 5-day CBT workshop course. This course is recognised by both the Australian Counselling Association (ACA) and the Association of Psychotherapists And Counsellors (Singapore) (APACS). In addition, we have collaborated with the Murdoch Psychology Society Singapore (MPSS) and SIM Psychology Society (SIM PSYSOC) for a community outreach event from 21st to 23rd December at the pre-Christmas MOX Parade @ SOTA.

2019 would be the year where my team would be going into full force. We will be getting more Psychotherapists (freelance basis) and staff (volunteers) on-board with us to expand our existing repertoire of services.